Filling Station Bar Cafe: 1950s Diner in Makati

Filling Station Bar Cafe: 1950s Diner in Makati

It was roughly a year ago when a 50’s-inspired diner in Makati city went viral in different social media platforms and blog reviews. I was really curious about the place because of the vintage vibe especially during at night when the neon lights are turned on.

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Cobalabamba: A Taste of Mexico

Cobalabamba: A Taste of Mexico

I can’t deny the fact that Mexican food will always be one of the top choices when it comes to the best food in the world. Just like what CNN posted in an article entitled “Which country has the best food?” Mexico is in the 9th spot. Needless to say, Mexican cuisines are indeed delicious because the taste and aroma of these Central-American food are so distinct.

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Kandle Cafe: Dining in a Peaceful Place

Kandle Cafe: Dining in a Peaceful Place

Just located along the street of 113 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City, Kandle Cafe is hidden in a greenery and simple old brick wall that will make you feel at home upon entering the restaurant.



Kandle Cafe offers different cuisines from appetizers to desserts which will make your gastronomic journey complete. The outlet also shares rustic interiors and good ambiance upon dining– furnitures and decorations are instagram-ready whenever you want to take snaps of yourself and the restaurant.

Unlike other cafes, Kandle Cafe has this peaceful vibe even the outlet is being swarmed by diners especially during weekends. The restaurant also got enough seats for all the guests whether you’re a couple or in a group.

The plants and trees all over the outlet are the ones that are making your time dining in Kandle Cafe more relaxing and refreshing. The greens loosen up your stress from a tiring day of work or other personal concerns.


There is also a dessert corner that is displayed when you enter the restaurant. This area invites your sweet tooth to order them after a good meal at Kandle Cafe.



Well of course, this is not just about the setup of the cafe but it’s also about their special cuisines on the menu.

So, we ordered Pomelo and Shrimp Salad (Php 340), Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy (Php 310), Beef Sirloin (Php 270), and Carrot Bar (Php 100).

Pomelo and Shrimp Salad

All fresh and healthy if you opt to order healthier food in the cafe, likewise, ordering Pomelo and Shrimp Salad is the best diet for all the diners in Kandle Cafe as this recipe gives a perfect tanginess. Obviously, there’s a generous amount of shrimp and greens on the salad. And to add up, the candied walnuts give a different texture to the mix.

Mr. Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta

One of the famous dishes of Kandle Cafe is the Mr. Egoy and Ms Eggy Pasta. Though different from a normal color, the squid-ink pasta is flawlessly mixed with cream sauce and cheese topped with perfectly poached egg. And to give that full blown taste, the pasta is sprinkled with crispy bacon bits.

Beef Sirloin

Sizzling and hot– that’s how the Beef Sirloin is done in Kandle Cafe. Served in a sizzling plate with grilled veggies, the beef sirloin recipe will surely make you drool for a couple of minutes as its aroma from smoke adds desire to your appetite.

Carrot Bar

And to cap the meal, a healthy Carrot Bar is ideal for all the customers. This dessert gives you a light taste that is not too sweet and will not make you guilty after dining in Kandle Cafe.


All food that we’ve ordered are just perfect for our taste, not too salty nor bland, not too sweet as well for the dessert (For me, the recipe for each dish is well-thought of). You can sit and just wait for your food and expect it to be just right for your tastebuds, and yes, it really is. Though the bread in Mr.Egoy and Ms. Eggy Pasta is a bit tough, the overall experience with Kandle’s food is excellent. I’ll give it a 4/5.


Service wise, all the staff from the cashiers to the waiters were all attentive. Since the area is full of trees and plants, we can expect that there are mosquitoes in the restaurant. And when a staff saw us dining outside the outlet, he immediately put an outdoor insect repeller.

On the other hand, food service was just right. We didn’t wait a long time for our orders to be served. And if not mistaken, I passed by the owner of the restaurant and he smiled at us when we entered the cafe.

Lastly, this cafe is pet-friendly! My animal-advocate heart is so happy knowing that this cafe allows pets in the restaurant. So it’s a 5/5 for the service.


If there’s one thing that I also appreciate in Kandle Cafe, that is their design. The refreshing feel from the outside going to the interior design makes you want to stay longer in the restaurant.  The peaceful vibes and the homey atmosphere of the cafe are also added points. With these things, it’s a 4/5.


Price list is just fair as everything I tasted is worth paying for. The food were great, service and facilities too are nice, maybe that’s why I call it a fair pricing. When we dined in Kandle Cafe and tasted their food, we didn’t mind how much we paid or whatnot. As long as we enjoyed their food and the ambiance, then price will just remain a price. It’s more on experiencing the bests of a certain restaurant and its offerings to the customers. So it’s a 3.5/5.

Overall, the hidden gem in Mother Ignacia Avenue in Quezon City is a perfect spot for people who are looking for a good food, nice service, and peaceful place. The feeling of creating memories with the people you love and spending it in Kandle Cafe will make it more special.

Kandle Cafe is open from Monday to Sunday 11:00 am until 11:00 pm. They serve lunch and dinner while you can also order pastries and coffee. For more info and updates about the cafe, you can check their social media pages, facebook and instagram.

Cebu City: The Pyramid

Cebu City: The Pyramid

Part of my Cebu City day tour was visiting the gorgeously built restaurant located inside Cebu City’s I.T. Park, The Pyramid.



This Louvre Pyramid-inspired building is a Filipino restaurant and wine bar that offers delectable set of local cuisines and tasty wines. The Pyramid opened last March 31, 2017 catering guests from breakfast to dinner.

Since the building is unusual to everyone’s eyes, most especially in the Philippine setup, the Pyramid has already been a part of a checklist to some tourists when visiting Cebu.


The place is a perfect spot for your IG posts and selfies. And just outside the building, a number of tourists and locals are taking photos. On the other hand, as to what I expected, there’s a long queue before you’ll get inside the outlet. Good thing, I went to The Pyramid a little bit earlier and got my seat without waiting in the line outside.


The trip will not be completed without tasting the food offerings of The Pyramid. We decided to order, Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings (Php 190), Hawaiian Pizza (Php 315), Grilled Baby Back Ribs (Php 265), and Oreo Milkshake (Php 145).



Among all the cuisines that we’ve ordered, I really love the grilled baby back ribs. The savory meat just falls off the bone and was cooked to perfection (Actually, it doesn’t need the sauce anymore, the rib itself and the seasoning was spot on). The sweet and spicy chicken wings and the Hawaiian pizza is just okay, nothing special about its seasoning and taste. The oreo milkshake on the other hand is also delicious or I just really love oreo smoothies. Since I’m no alcoholic drinker, I didn’t taste even a sip of wine. So with the food and drink that we’ve ordered, I’ll give it a 3.5/5.


We received all our orders in a favorable time, we didn’t wait for 20-30 minutes just to have our food ready because I’m expecting it that way. While the kitchen team was efficient with their respective tasks, the service crew are a bit preoccupied or extremely busy, maybe because of the number of diners. We asked for our bill thrice but it was not delivered on a timely manner. It took us about 20 minutes just to wait for our bill. And to add up, they are a bit not “welcomey” from the time we enter the outlet until we finished our meals and left the restaurant. Maybe a 3/5 for the overall service.


The overall structure of the building is stunning. My heart is so happy when I saw the exterior of the restaurant, the art side of mine reminds me of how should an object be made perfectly with heart on it. Though it’s a bit of a replica of some well-known tourist spots outside the Philippines, I’m still amazed of the whole look of the restaurant. Interior wise, it’s good too because it has a loft space if you want to dine in an elevated area inside the outlet. I also like the winery spot of the place which makes it more attracting to customers. Seats can cater to couples, friends, or families either inside the pyramid or out. It’s a 4/5 for the look and facilities.


PhP 265 for a grilled baby back ribs is good enough. The restaurant offers just fair prices for their food as I saw it from their menu. I’m expecting higher prices because it seems like the building is selling high-priced cuisines if you will base it on the looks from the exteriors to the interiors, especially when you see the wall of wines. With this, it’s a 3.5/5 then.

I was mesmerized when I first saw The Pyramid from afar. My heart got a sensation of excitement seeing an unusual building in the Philippines (if not mistaken, this is the first pyramid-inspired restaurant in the country). I went in The Pyramid not mainly because of the food, but it’s more on the experience and the feeling of getting close to this beauty of architecture and art overall. The glass walls made me feel that I’m inside the famous Louvre Pyramid in Paris.

So if you want to feel what I felt, The Pyramid is open daily from 10:00 am – 3:00 am at Cebu I.T. Park, Cebu City. The place is good for groups and even to your kids, while walk-ins are highly welcome in the restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For more info about the outlet, you can check their social media pages, facebook an instagram.

Now Open: First Hawker Chan in Manila

Now Open: First Hawker Chan in Manila

Hawkers are so popular in Singapore, these are food stalls along the streets of a city that sell cheap and affordable food. This is, somehow, already a street food culture in the metropolis.  In some formal terms, hawker is a trader who goes from place to place, or along the streets of a town, selling the goods which he carries with him. (The Law Dictionary)

When I went to Singapore a year ago, I had my first experience with hawker food. It was cheap for about S$2-3 per meal and it was not bad at all since we all know that Singapore has a high cost of living.



The world’s first and cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant (hawker) is now in the Philippines, Hawker Chan.

Hawker Chan opened last July 26, 2018 at SM Mall of Asia’s entertainment mall area. The well-known food stall of Chef Chan that originally started in Chinatown Food Centre in Singapore as a humble hawker is now conquering the tastebuds of the Filipinos.

The brand is managed by Foodee Global Concepts along with other brands like Tim Ho Wan, Todd English Food Hall, Pound by Todd English, Hook by Todd English, FOO’D by David Oldani, MESA Filipino Moderne, Llaollao, and Sunnies Café.




It was a long queue when I went to Mall of Asia to try Hawker Chan. They catered the first 100 customers on the opening day with corresponding perks such as 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month supply of their signature dish, the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice.

The queue made me wait for about 1.5 hours, but I’m really expecting an inevitable line for a first day. However, the jam-packed opening was a proof that Hawker Chan was welcomed warmly by the Philippine market.


And when I got it inside the outlet, I immediately ordered Soya Sauce Chicken Rice, Thai Style Tofu, and a glass of House Blend Iced Tea. As I see the glazing meat and skin of the chicken plus the aroma of Thai tofu, it makes me want to savor every bite of my order.



The Soya Sauce Chicken Rice will always be on the spotlight of Hawker Chan, maybe because the outlet started from that dish and gave more time mastering the perfect recipe. Hence, it has a good taste. On the other hand, what I loved more when I tasted their food was the Thai Style Tofu, it was indeed flavorful. The mix of sourness and sweetness of the dish makes me want to order more of it. You will never go wrong with Thai Style Tofu. And with this, I’ll give a 4/5.


The waiting line to food service were really organized. Sometimes, first day openings of restaurants is open to lots of mistakes but I find it amusing when the staff gave their passion on the opening day. They have a swift bussing and I personally believe that it plays an important aspect of service that oftentimes being overlooked by restaurant owners. Order time was fast as well, I guess the management took the opening day seriously as this will leave a good impression to the customers. Since everything ran smoothly, it’s a 4/5 then.


Opening day impression for the facilities and overall look of the restaurant was just fine, things were just simple from interiors to exteriors. Well, maybe they still want to stand by their brand as a hawker dining outlet, simple and open to the mass. Cleanliness was impressive though. I’ll give 3.5/5.


It was worth it! Food price is really affordable for a Michelin-starred restaurant. Soya Sauce Chicken Rice is only worth PhP 128 inclusive of the government taxes. Hawker Chan is making it sure that you will not run out of money after dining with them. To think this is rated by Michelin as one of the bests in the world, I’ll rate this a 4.5/5.

My experience with Hawker Chan, as expected, was great. Though it was swarmed by customers on the opening day, the long lines didn’t affect my decision to go home instead of waiting. That feeling when I first tasted and experienced hawkers in Singapore was almost the same experience I felt with Hawker Chan. And luckily, I got a 1 month supply of Soya Sauce Chicken Rice. Hurrah!

Hawker Chan is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. at G/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City.  You may follow their social media accounts for the outlet’s happenings, Facebook and Instagram.