Christmas Gift: 7 Best Locally Made Products You Should Buy This Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”– walking in company buildings, malls, or in parks, you can already hear holiday jingles or even see colorful decors because Christmas is really fast approaching. And as Filipinos, we are always delighted to give gifts to the people who are close to our hearts.

Since Christmas is a season of giving, I guess it’s the right time to support our small and medium Filipino entrepreneurs (SME). And to make the holiday season more memorable, let our money reach these startups and local businessmen. With this, I’m giving you the 7 best Pinoy-made products that you might want to share with your loved ones this coming holidays.

Qubo: DIY Garden Kit

If you don’t have enough space for a garden, now is the time to purchase DIY Garden Kit from Qubo. These are basically garden kits where you can grow your mini garden easily. Each kit contains your chosen seeds, cocopot, potting mix, pebbles, organic fertilizer, an instruction manual and a specific plant card to make your gardening experience an easy and hassle-free one. Suitable for all Titos and Titas of Manila!

Facebook: Qubo PH 



Contact No. : +63   977   270   6250

Agdigus Essentials: Handmade Soap

Agdigus Essentials’ handmade soap is just one of the most perfect gifts this coming Christmas. The Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap is made up of bamboo charcoal, coconut oil and virgin coconut oil, pomace olive oil, castor oil, calamansi extract, and lavender scent. You don’t need to worry because the handmade soaps are 100% organic with raw and natural ingredients. Thus, this is good for your loved ones with sensitive skin. 

Facebook: Agdigus Essentials

Instagram: @agdigus


Saan Saan: Soy Candles

Did you still remember the time when you were a little kid and used to see lighted candles in your home’s dining table, comfort room, or even in your bedroom? Nostalgic right? With Saan Saan’s Handmade Soy Candles, you will surely love the products that will create memorable stories once again. The handmade candles offer unique scents and has minimal and rustic packaging.  Either in or out of season, candles will always spark nostalgia.

Facebook: Saan Saan Ph

Instagram: @saansaanph

Contact No. : +63   917 632 5122

Krete Manila: Concrete Products

If you are fond of industrial and minimalist designs, Krete Manila’s handmade concrete products are the right gift for you. They offer plant pots, bowls, home accessories, interior items, concrete toys, and more. Krete also accepts customized projects that will depend on the ideas you have in mind. 

Facebook: Krete MNL

Instagram: @kretemanila

Contact No. : +63   966 317 8094

Gantsilyo Manila

Your kids will be the happiest on Christmas day if you will give them some cute crochet products from Ganstilyo Manila. They offer adorable crochets with different designs from your favorite cartoon characters to kawaii animals. Of course, all are handmade!

Facebook: Gantsilyo Manila

Instagram: @gantsilyo_mnl

Contact No. : +63  915 400 2634

Amber & Anne: Cushion Cover and Placemats

To all moms out there, I know this is what you’re looking for. Amber & Anne sells locally-made cushion covers, placemats and table runners, and bags. So if you want to treat yourself this holiday season, why not choose the elegant products from Amber & Anne, right?

Instagram: @amber_at_anne

Contact No. : +63  920 893 6498

Karisma ni Maria: Handcrafted Jewelleries

And lastly, the unique style of Karisma ni Maria handcrafted jewelries will definitely give a wonderful surprise to the special girl of your life. The products are affordable and made from recycled items. So if you purchase a pair or two, you are not just helping the business owner but also the environment. 

Facebook: Karisma ni Maria Handmade Jewelleries



Contact No. : +63   998 552 7394

Regardless of the occasion, we must practice buying products from our micro to medium local businesses. That can either be a person who sells food, accessories, or any kinds of products and services.

Let’s give it to the local businessmen this time. Let’s help one business at a time.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead Noypis!

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