A1 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour in Manila

Last October 21, 2018, the well-known British-Norwegian boy band A1 are finally reunited for their 20th anniversary reunion tour. It was Paul who made an exit way back 2002 for personal matters, but just last night, they are once again complete to serenade the Filipino fans at Kia Theater, Quezon City.

They brought Manila to a nostalgia when they sang and performed their biggest hits like Everytime, Summertime of our Lives, Take on Me, Same Old Brand New You, Ready or Not, Like a Rose, and more.

The group also introduced their newest single entitled “Armour” that is currently available on Spotify that was released a week before their reunion concert in Manila.

Since the Filipino fans demand for more from the boy band, they will have their second night concert on October 22, 2018 at Kia Theater followed by Davao and Cebu reunion tours on October 23 and 25 respectively.

A1 is said to hold concerts in Asia between October 15-25, 2018.

If you happen not to know them, the line-up consists of Ben Adams, Paul Marazzi, Mark Read, and Christian Ingebrigtsen.

Here’s a sample performance from last night’s concert.

If you’re a legit 90’s kid, the concert is perfect for you and your friends while reminiscing the past dance steps and lyrics.

So, ready or not, here they’ll come.

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