Book Launch: Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5

Lampara Books is back with its fifth book entitled Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Lihim ng Libro from the epic fatasy series Moymoy Lulumboy. The adolescent novel takes the readers to the enchanting world of Gabun where local mythological creatures like aswang, duwende, manananggal, kapre, and tikbalang co-exist with each other and fight for communal peace.

Actual: Moymoy Lulumboy: Ang Lihim ng Libro

The latest installment continues with the journey of Moymoy Lulumboy as he struggles to cope with the death of his mother, Liliw, and contend with his legacy as the hero who will save Gabun from evil forces. Moymoy Lulumboy, whose shape-shifting powers resemble like an aswang– slowly transforming into a character with a little darkness and agression in his soul. But his kindness and compassion remain throughout the coming-of-age conquest.

Books 1-5

The series received glowing reviews from book critics and readers. It was even included in the 2014 top 10 books of Philippines Daily Inquirer.

With the growing public interest on the franchise, ABS-CBN recently acquired Moymoy Lulumboy with plans of developing the books into a TV series, fils, digital piece, merchandise, or an attraction.

Book Launching: Stage Play by PETA

Palanca awardee and best-selling author Segundo Matias Jr. officially launched the fifth book last September 14, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. It was one of the highlights of the Manila International Book Festival (MIBF) where top local and international authors debit their work to the public.

Cast of the Stage Play with Segundo Matias Jr. (author) and Jomike Tehido (Illustrator)

Currently, Matias Jr. published over 1,500 books via his 2 publishing imprints, Precious Pages Corp. and Lampara Publishing Co.

On the latest installment, the author collaborated with Jomike Tehido– an architect, author, illustrator, and painter whose compelling fusion of unorthodox styles led him to solo exhibitions in the Philippines, Singapore, France, Japan, and USA.

Moymoy Lulumboy: And Lihim ng Libro is available in Precious Pages retail outlets, National Book Store, Pandayan Book Shop, and other book stores nationwide. For inquiries, you may email

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