E! Best Influencers: 3 Reasons Why I Will Vote for Discover MNL and Eatsplorations

Being an online influencer is a difficult job. You need to make your brand visible in the online world and it is sometimes a must to maintain an excellent identity for your followers. But for me, these two bloggers stood out among the nominees for the best influencers for the upcoming E! Bloggers Ball.

I’m giving you 3 simple reasons why Discover MNL and Eatsplorations are suitable for E! Travel Icon of the Year and E! Food Icon of the Year respectively.


Discover MNL-A brand that promotes everything about the Philippines. It offers only the bests where you can see the real beauty and splendor of our country. From photo to video contents, everything is just magical. My day isn’t complete without checking/seeing their social media pages because it encourages me to travel and discover the Philippines MORE.

Eatsplorations- When I say perfect combination of food feature and photography, I’m talking about Eatsplorations. This blog is not just your ordinary food blog because it speaks more of your daily cravings. When you’re hungry, visit their social media pages and you’ll end up checking the restaurant/food they visited and featured.


These 2 influencers are not just doing contents because blogging or social media marketing produces money for them– The only distinct thing I see on what they are doing is PASSION. A passion to deliver awesome contents and to showcase the best travel destinations and the most delectable food in the country.

Photo:Lucky So-Alabado

The time that they spent for their craft is priceless and I can see it through their stories, photos, and videos. You can see heart!

Photo: Mark Tan


In my personal view, the people behind these blogs and social media pages are the crรฉme de la crรฉme of the online industry. I’m not saying that they are the foundation of blogging and social media world, but they embody a unique attitude and personality which you can see through their contents.

Discover MNL is being managed by a humble lady and a supportive boyfriend that the only goal is to make people happy–that there is a beautiful place to visit and a lot of things to do in the country. While Eatsplorations is organized by a food-loving family because they simply love food and they want to share that love through captivating photos and experiences.

Photo: Lucky So-Alabado
Photo: Mark Tan

Now, if you have not casted your votes yet, you can visit this [LINK] and choose Discover MNL as the E! Travel Icon of the Year and Eatsplorations as the E! Food Icon of the Year. Public Voting will be closed at exactly 5 PM on September 23, 2018 and the nominee with the highest number of votes will be declared winner. So VOTE now!

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