Filling Station Bar Cafe: 1950s Diner in Makati

It was roughly a year ago when a 50’s-inspired diner in Makati city went viral in different social media platforms and blog reviews. I was really curious about the place because of the vintage vibe especially during at night when the neon lights are turned on.

Just to make it a little bit different, I visited the diner during lunch time to see the real beauty of the old school crafts and designs inside the outlet.

Restaurant Interiors
Restaurant Interiors
A Shiny Blue Cadillac


Filling Station Bar Cafe is located in the famous red light district of Makati– Burgos. The cafe is a 50’s-style diner that offers wide variety of cuisines, it’s a mix of American and Filipino food.

According to some reviews, I must try the milkshake because it’s one of their signature drinks, but since I’m not really a fan of milkshakes, I opted to choose my preferred food/drink.

So, I ordered T-Bird (PhP 573), Pasta Alioli (PhP 283), A slice of Banana Cream Pie (PhP 190), Strawberry Smoothie (PhP 183), and Mango Smoothie (PhP 183)


T-Bird is a deep-fried chicken served with buttered vegetables and french fries with mayo dip.

Pasta Alioli

Pasta Alioli is a pasta sautéed in garlic, olive oil,  red chili, and parmesan cheese.

Banana Cream Pie

After having you mains, try to taste their Banana Cream Pie– the cream and slices of banana are a perfect blend to cap your meal.

Strawberry and Mango Smoothies

And to feel refreshed in your dining experience, have some sip of their fresh smoothies available in different flavors.


With all the food that I’ve ordered, Banana Cream Pie stood out. The texture is almost the same with Laguna’s buko pies and it’s not too sweet which I really liked. I can actually recommend this dessert. While T-Bird and pasta just tasted average, it’s not too good nor too bad (if you know what I mean). The smoothies were just okay too, it tasted like an ordinary fruit shake. But the thing that I appreciate the most is their generous food serving. So it’s a 3/5.


Service wise, it was good but I can’t say that the service crew was that passionate with their jobs. Maybe it’s just me or I really just dined during lunch time (because the restaurant is livelier at night). Also, I was waiting for my receipt after I paid the bill but it was not handed to me. I still need to go to the cashier and ask for it. I’ll give a 2.5/5.


Obviously, the place is really LOVELY! The restaurant was occupied by different vintage designs and items– there are life-size action and other figures, old telephones, a gasoline station, retro wall decors, a shiny blue Cadillac, and more. The background music added that 1950’s vibe while dining in the outlet. Uniform of the staff was also in line with the restaurant’s theme. This is indeed a great place for your instagram feed. Overall, the facilities and designs were really impressive. And without any hesitations, it’s a 5/5.


Price is a bit high, I may say. One person can spend PhP 500 and above for his/her desired meal with a drink. I guess it’s not that wallet-friendly for other guests who want to try Filling Station Bar Cafe. Though, as I mentioned, food servings are big. I can suggest to trim down the food serving and adjust the costing so it can gain more guests, perhaps. It’s 3/5 then.

If you want to try dining in a 1950s-inspired restaurant, you can visit Filling Station Bar Cafe at 5012 P.Burgos St., Makati City from Monday to Sunday, 24/7. You can also check their social media accounts for more updates| facebook and instagram.

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