Cobalabamba: A Taste of Mexico

I can’t deny the fact that Mexican food will always be one of the top choices when it comes to the best food in the world. Just like what CNN posted in an article entitled “Which country has the best food?” Mexico is in the 9th spot. Needless to say, Mexican cuisines are indeed delicious because the taste and aroma of these Central-American food are so distinct.

There are a number of Mexican-inspired restaurants in the Philippines, though sometimes you don’t know where to eat if you are craving for the cuisine. But just last August 17, 2018, the newest Mexican cantina opens in Metro Manila– the Cobalabamba.

Cobalabamba Interiors
Mural Painting

Cobalabamba offers a wide variety of Mexican cuisines; appetizers, tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, chori burger, pizadilla, tacodog, and main course.

We ordered the most popular food in the menu– Lengua Tacos (PhP 165) , Mexican Pork Sisig (PhP 200), Chipotle Chicken (PhP 205), and Blackened Chops (PhP 245).


Lengua Taco is a soft taco with shredded lettuce, frijoles, mushroom, ranchero sauce, and of course the ox tongue meat.


Mexican Sisig is a Mexican-Filipino mixed cuisine. It has a spice-rubbed smokey pork, egg, corn salsa, jalapeno, and chipotle sauce.


Chipotle Chicken is a grilled skewered thigh quarters, pickled cucumber, onion, and chipotle sauce served with Mexican rice.


And if you prefer pork meat, try the Blackened Chops that is spice-rubbed and served with steak gravy, corn salsa, and Mexican rice.


I’ll be a bit unfair here because Mexican food is close to my heart. I always love the smell of mixed spices and whatnot. With Cobalabamba’s cuisines, all the food that we’ve ordered are all spot on. The meat in Chipotle Chicken and Blackened Chops were all tender and flavorful. While the Lengua Taco smells and tastes fresh because of the frijoles, ranchero sauce, and  lettuce. But the king of the meal is the Mexican Sisig. You can surely savor the Mexican-Filipino tang which makes the dish unusual and new to your taste buds. I actually can’t get enough of it because it’s really appetizing. I’ll give it a 4/5.


Service of Cobalabamba’s crew was nice and they were all attentive. They were able to suggest the best food Combalabamba has to offer to its guests especially the first timers. On the other hand, serving time of our orders was not that fast maybe because it’s just the opening week of the outlet. Nevertheless, overall service was good. Itโ€™s a 3/5 for the service.


I really can feel the Mexican vibe from the outside when I saw the big red door of the restaurant. And when I went inside Cobalabamba, interior designs are all great! I appreciate the fact that they didn’t overpower their design with “papel picado” that is obviously a Mexican design. But instead, they used mural painting, colorful bottles, neon sign decors, and minimalist rectangular shelves. The place can accommodate families and groups because there are available outside seats too. I’ll give it a 4/5.


For the 4 dishes plus softdrinks that we’ve ordered, I guess it cost us PhP 900+ only. It was not that pricey at the same time the quality of the food was not compromised. The restaurant is worth the money as I may say. So, it’s a 4/5.

Now, if you are craving for a Mexican restaurant that is not too expensive, I can recommend Cobalabamba. The place is not crowded and it’s peaceful, while the food that is being offered is worth every penny.

If you want to dine in Cobalabamba, you can visit them at Unit 104-105 Venice Grand Canal Mall, Mckinley Hill from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 1:00 am and every Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am to 11 pm. You can also check their social media accounts for more updates| facebook and instagram.

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