Cebu City: House of Lechon

Cebu is not just famous with its otap and dried fish, this province is also known from its mouthwatering and flavoursome Lechon (roasted pig) that can be popularly found in the beautiful city of Carcar.

The city has this long lane of lechon stores in Carcar Public Market that offers savoury roasted pork skin and meat. It is sold per kilo, but you can also request half or a quarter of it.

But how about in the capital city of Cebu?

Worry no more because Cebu City has its own House of Lechon- Famous Carcar Lechon. And true to its business name, the restaurant has the same taste of lechon from Carcar that they sell on their outlet.

House of Lechon: Famous Carcar Lechon

They offer wide variety of Filipino food. There is the popular Carcar Special , price starts at PhP 255 for 1/4 kilogram.  And also, their Classic Spicy which is PhP 290 for 1/4 kilogram. Other than their signature dishes, they offer Baked Scallops (PhP 290), Gambas ala Concasse (PhP 410), Sinigang na Tanigue (PhP 300), Grilled Tangigue/Tuna Belly (PhP 310), and a lot more. Check out their menu, below.

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House of Lechon has a usual high number of guests especially during lunch and dinner time. People are coming in and out from time to time. Might as well consider having a reservation before dining in the restaurant.

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The waiting game begins
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Full House of Lechon

And since my colleague and I are both longing for food, we ordered a pitcher of iced tea, pinakbet (without the shrimp paste), crispy kangkong, and of course the classic spicy. With less than a thousand peso budget for lunch, we managed to eat worth PhP 915 NET good for two persons. Pretty much of a good deal!

Ala carte servings are usually good for 2-3 persons, orders are ideal for group of friends, officemates, or families.

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1/4 kg Spicy Classic (Good for 2 persons)
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Pinakbet (without shrimp paste)
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Crispy kangkong with mayo dip
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House blend iced tea to quench your thirst

What I like about dining at House of Lechon is, you can directly see the meat being chopped in front of you. It’s fresh and you can see the meat moist right before your eyes.

It is also covered by a wide acrylic glass which you can assume the food is clean and safe from dirt.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset



When we ordered classic spicy, the lechon skin was not that crispy anymore because we ate past 2:00 pm. Good thing is, you can ask them to deep fry if you prefer a crispy skin.

As to what we ordered, all food has the right amount of flavour especially Pinakbet. The crunch of Crispy Kankong was appetizing too! But it will not be completed without their house blend iced tea. It is so far the best iced tea I have tasted aside from Wendy’s. I’ll rate this a 4/5.


With the high number of guests dining in the restaurant, the quality of service they are showing is exceptional. All were attentive as I’m observing, they clearly take all the orders and requests calmly. I want to commend all the staff with their skills in dealing with different people with different attitudes, they all wear smiles on their faces. The team managed hundreds of guests from time to time.

Taking a special mention for Greg (I’m not sure if that’s her name), she’s the assistant restaurant manager who was so busy during the operations but she supervised her team very well. And I’ll be giving this a 5/5.


Aqua blue and tropical theme with a touch of Filipino-inspired interiors is one of my favorite designs. The touch of blue makes the place more relaxing despite the busy operations of the restaurant. The comfort rooms are clean, it has a Filipino mural on the doors. Place was really neat and organized, tables and chairs were not too crowded for the space of the outlet. There are also enough seats in the waiting area so it will be comfortable to all the guests who are waiting in the queue. Plenty of ceiling fans are also available if you prefer eating outside the main restaurant. One thing maybe, bamboo interiors are a bit old. I’ll give 3.5/5.


Prices of food are reasonable, given the taste, cleanliness, and service of the staff. For me, every money I spent for this kind of food is really worth it. I didn’t have any hesitations dining at House of Lechon. Then, it’s a 4/5.

What this popular lechon restaurant in Cebu City made me realized– SERVICE plays a vital role in the hospitality/food & beverages industry. As if you wouldn’t mind eating everyday in this outlet because the service that is being extended to you is more than enough to conclude that they are giving their excellent skills just to serve you as a guest. Moreover, the enthusiasm you can see in every effort the staff give to their craft is extraordinary. So, a nice food plus great service is really a powerful combination. Overall it was indeed a great experience.

And if ever you are in Cebu, don’t forget to eat lechon!

If you want to visit them, House of Lechon serves breakfast until dinner at Acacia Street, Cebu City, Cebu from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. You can call them and make a reservation at (032) 231 0958 or email Follow their social media accounts for updates, Facebook and Instagram.


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