Naimas’ Taste of Home

Located in the busy streets of EDSA is a restaurant that offers savoury and tasty cuisines. Naimas, situated at SM Light Mall, Mandaluyong City, is an Ilokano-Filipino restaurant that is perfect for Pinoys who are fond of rich and good-tasting comfort food.

This is the restaurant’s second branch in Metro Manila, the first one is located at Amorsolo Street in Makati. Naimas serves lunch up to dinner to cater everyone’s hunger in the bustling cities of the metro.


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Monggo Bagnet
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Sinampalukang Kambing

As Filipinos, we all know how we really love our own food and taste. With Naimas’ wide-variety of cuisines, everyone one will surely enjoy their offerings. Additionally, the food that they serve will keep your tummy say more to extra rice.

My personal favourite is the Crispy Tawilis. It’s a deep fried fresh water sardine served with sauteed shrimp paste salsa which makes the food more delicious.

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Crispy Tawilis
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Monggo Bagnet
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Calamansi Juice

Since this is the first entry of my blog, starting today, I will rate the restaurants with the following criteria:

Food Quality, Service Quality, Facility Quality, and Price Quality.


What I love about Naimas is that, they serve the food “hot” specially the soup. With the food that I ordered, I may say that Naimas’ cuisines are really appetizing. And with that, I’ll rate this a 4/5.


The crew and staff of Naimas is attentive. Since this is my sixth time dining in the restaurant, the quality of their service is good. Though sometimes, I still can see some who are using their cellular phones while on duty. But I’ll rate this a 3.5/5.


Facility wise, Naimas offers a peaceful ambiance. Perfect for family or group who prefer a time to bond and enjoy together. The interiors are also good with a touch of rustic theme. They also got an outdoor seating which I really like. I’ll give 3.5/5.


It’s worth every peso that you will spend in Naimas. Food is really great with just 200-400 peso budget for two persons. You will never go wrong spending your money for Naimas’ cuisines most specially when you are really hungry. With this, I will give 4/5.

Overall, my Naimas experience was really great. My gastronomic desires for Filipino food is being provided by this restaurant perfectly. And if you haven’t tried Naimas yet, they are open at SM Light Mall daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. They take reservations and walk-in customers, entertains group dining and take out orders.

You can contact them at +632 960-6797 or email at You can also follow their social media accounts for updates, Facebook and Instagram.


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